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Podcast: Artificial Intelligence

Reinier van Leuken, Salesforce. Podcast Kunstmatige Intelligentie

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AI is a technique that can no longer be left out of our technological landscape.

Salesforce’s podcast series “Aanjagers” (“Boosters) features an episode starring Reinier van Leuken. Reinier holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and, as Product Management Director at Salesforce, uses his knowledge to improve customer experiences by deploying predictive models on an enterprise scale.

Reinier is a booster in the field of AI. In the late 1990s, he began studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. His curiosity in this field eventually led to a doctorate. With this in his pocket, he stepped out of the research world and put his knowledge to practical use. He brings AI applications to enterprise scale and is a boardroom-level advisor to Salesforce’s key strategic accounts worldwide on all things AI.

Patrick Willer has a good conversation with Reinier about the world of artificial intelligence. In this episode, we learn how to better understand this non-biological intelligence and what it can do for us.

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