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One for all, all for one.

A MusQueteer is a loyal warrior who stands for his team and his cause. One for all, all for one. Founded by three fellow IT professionals with a common vision: together we are going to help our clients grow faster and better.

The name musQueteer is a direct reference to the novel The Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas. Back then, gold was the most valuable commodity, but today information is seen as the new gold. The battle is no longer fought with a musket and saber against Cardinal Richelieu, but with state-of-the-art information technology and software against inefficiency and disruption (such as by cyber criminals). However, what has not changed: the customer is still king.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

MusQueteers work together autonomously in small teams. No unwieldy, nameless armies of newfangled part-solvers, but well-organized, personal units of decisive realizers who oversee the entire process, without losing sight of the details and the interests of those involved.

We are not there to simply pump in a system, but to truly integrate IT with business processes, following our Quattro methodology. As a result, technology will really work for you. And only then can you use the full potential of your solution. Only then will you achieve sustainable and stable growth in a way that suits the organization and your vision for the future.

Together into the future

The musQueteer team has long since ceased to be limited to the three professional brothers. New experts are constantly finding their way into the ranks of musQueteer. Depending on the project, we put together the best team. In doing so, we select the perfect composition of expertise, experience and personality from our own employees and from our flexible pool.

As an interim workforce, we fit seamlessly into virtually any organization, which suits our informal and personal corporate culture. Our core values are Committed, Integral, Resourceful and Energetic. We seek fraternization (m/f) in our socials and staff activities. The photos and stories of those in attendance speak for themselves; still long after the fact….

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