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Salesforce Sales Cloud

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This leading CRM solution takes sales automation to a new dimension with a full set of cloud-based tools. Tools that help your teams bring in more business, increase productivity and fill the pipeline with high-quality leads.

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What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud is by far Salesforce’s most popular product. This cloud-based sales platform offers a range of tools and functionalities designed to support sales, marketing as well as customer service in both B2B and B2C. Salesforce Sales Cloud enables you to effectively manage customers, contacts, leads, opportunities and accounts. This information allows your teams to better understand your customers and tailor their sales but also their marketing strategies accordingly. A powerful tool that allows you to optimize sales processes, boost sales and build a loyal customer base. The key features of Salesforce Sales Cloud are its scalability and adaptability. This makes the software suitable for both small startups and large enterprises.
The platform can be fully customized to the specific needs of your business and grow and evolve with the changing demands of the organization.

It goes without saying that Sales Cloud integrates seamlessly with all the other Salesforce solutions that help you take your business to the next level.

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What does Salesforce Sales Cloud offer your company?

Sales Cloud opens up a world of possibilities for your organization. It is so much more than a sales platform you use to optimize your sales process. Here are some essential features that contribute to the success of your organization:

Instant grip on leads, opportunities and conversions

Salesforce Sales Cloud keeps all prospects, customers, leads and opportunities well organized. Lead Management allows you to easily retrace how leads were obtained, such as through web-to-lead or a marketing campaign. Automated qualification ensures that the most promising leads are automatically forwarded to your sales team for proactive follow-up. This tool is also hugely valuable to your marketing team. It provides insight into the impact of your campaigns, allowing you to make better decisions for your marketing budget. With Opportunity Management, you manage all your sales opportunities easier than ever. Essential information surrounding a sales opportunity, such as value, current stage and even competition, can be quickly viewed. Engage your team for help and take advantage of built-in quoting capabilities to close your deals even faster.

Save time with sales automation

With the simplicity of drag and drop, you easily design and implement business processes. This minimizes red tape and automatically assigns tasks to the right people. Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a structured view of your sales processes, which not only helps streamline all the steps, but also speeds up sales cycles. Automating processes saves time, allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals.

Access real-time data anywhere

With cloud-based contact management, your team benefits from continuous access to real-time information. From previous interactions to complete sales history, Salesforce Sales Cloud pulls missing data from various sources and even analyzes information from social media channels. This allows your sales team to be more responsive to each customer's needs and wants.

Shifting smartly together to achieve goals quickly

Salesforce Chatter brings your team members together and is the heart of seamless collaboration. In addition, Salesforce Chatter has the intelligence, based on users' activities and interests, to recommend the right information, files and people to help you reach your commercial goals faster.

Personal dashboards provide instant insight

Dashboards and detailed reports provide real-time insight into your business performance at a glance. Easily personalize your dashboard by choosing which data you want to display in it. For deeper analysis, Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you generate detailed reports in just a few clicks.

What is a sales tool without the ability to make accurate forecasts? Salesforce Sales Cloud includes standard forecast categories that are fully customizable, allowing you to better forecast future sales results. Use these forecasts to improve your business planning and manage your team effectively.

Working integrally and efficiently

To further increase daily productivity, Salesforce Sales Cloud provides the tools to sync data between your email and the platform. For your team, nothing changes; they can continue to work seamlessly from their familiar inbox and automatically capture every contact in Salesforce. Create attractive email templates to communicate consistently or draw attention to a promotion or trade show event, for example.

Stay productive on the go, too, thanks to Mobile CRM. The Salesforce Mobile App puts your entire CRM environment at your fingertips on your tablet or phone, without compromising on functionality. Manage your sales with ease and maintain visibility into your company's processes and performance. And your customers get optimal service at the right time!

Salesforce Sales Cloud: Scalable when you need it

Salesforce is rightfully the market leader in CRM systems, offering the convenience of easily expanding your system with the modules specific to your organization. Each module has its unique functionalities and fits seamlessly into the system. What all services have in common is that they save valuable time and contribute to improved customer satisfaction.

For many organizations, their Salesforce “footprint” begins with Sales Cloud. It’s not our most popular product for nothing! Sales Cloud meets the needs of even the most demanding customer as well as the needs of each user. Constant development ensures that you always have the latest technologies and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Got curious? Some products in the Salesforce family you can try for free for 30 days, and Sales Cloud is one of them. Experience for yourself the numerous benefits and functionalities Salesforce Sales Cloud has to offer. Discover how to apply efficiency and effectiveness in your organization to achieve growth. Book your free trial now or contact us to advise you on this!

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We combine our Salesforce expertise with years of business process experience and provide insight into the opportunities to address your challenges effectively and efficiently. In doing so, we use standard elements where we can and customize components (e.g., software, processes, documents) where we must. In doing so, we naturally take into account unforeseen situations. Depending on what best suits your needs, musQueteer specialists work at your location or remotely – for a cost-efficient implementation. We make every effort to ensure that your processes continue to run seamlessly, while working together in the background to achieve the growth you envision.

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