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One for all, all for one.

The motto of the Three Musketeers also applies to us. We like to work in compact teams. With people we trust and for whom we are always there. Not only within musQueteer, but our clients are also part of that team. Together, we aim towards results that make a difference.

We work from the Netherlands and the Philippines. Our project leaders and management team are based in Utrecht and our development team works flexibly on the beautiful Philippine islands. In addition to our permanent base, we enjoy working with young high potentials. With them we share our knowledge and ensure the development of our field. We have a great team of young professionals who support us on project basis.

Besides working, we also enjoy doing fun things together. Like team building activities, lunches, and also a skiing trip we did together. Besides that, we regularly dedicate ourselves to charities. Consider, for example, our Serious Swim marathon for 3FM’s Serious Request campaign that we have organized several times.

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What is our team like?


MusQueteer employs passionate consultants who have gained their vast experience with companies in almost all industries. And they are employable in various roles such as project manager, technical architect, business analyst or tester. Our consultants ensure that a project is well managed and that our clients always receive an appropriate solution.


In addition, musQueteer has a team of developers in the Philippines. This provides us with a wide range of technical skills that are often hard to find in the Netherlands. We also work with developers from Egypt and Tunisia. With this international network, we manage to deliver the best solution for our customers.

Working students

We also have a team of college and university students at our disposal that we use for all kinds of work that cannot be solved through automation. Our working students are flexible and approachable, as well as capable of critical thinking and precise work. They take a lot of time-consuming work off our clients’ hands and ensure that a new IT solution fits seamlessly with current business processes and their data. Our work students can also help clear administrative backlogs.

With the powerful combination of Consultants, Offshore Developers and Work-Students, musQueteer can optimally help its clients to grow rapidly and sustainably.


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