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We automate time-consuming, complex and tedious work so that our clients achieve their goals faster, easier and more enjoyable.

A MusQueteer is a loyal warrior who stands for his team and his cause. One for all, all for one. Founded by three professional brothers with a common vision: together we are going to help our clients grow faster and better.

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The name musQueteer is a direct reference to the novel The Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas. Want to know more about what drives musQueteer to this day and what makes us different-than-other? Then read our story

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Quattro Method

With the step-by-step and unique Quattro method, we guarantee that we operate in a similar way and that we can deliver the quality we strive for. And your organization achieves its intended goal of scaling up better and faster.

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1. Reveal

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2. Design

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3. Resolve

4. Scale

Why musQueteer?

We automate time-consuming, complex and tedious work so that our clients achieve their goals faster, easier and more enjoyable. With a compact team of experts, we optimize business processes. We do this with attention for the people behind the processes and from an energetic basic attitude. Here we use our business knowledge as added value alongside our in-depth knowledge of IT systems. At start-ups and scale-ups, we implement the world’s leading CRM Salesforce and we provide (management) consultants and project leaders in large-scale IT projects.

Automation is a major contributor to job happiness. After all, no one is happy with boring, repetitive work. And if you are going to automate, do it with people who not only know their stuff, but are also a pleasure to work with. Not anonymous, but involved. Not with blinders on, but with a broad vision of process improvement. 

Working at musQueteer:

The motto of the Three Musketeers also applies to us. We like to work in compact teams. With people we trust and for whom we are always there. Not only within musQueteer, but our clients are also part of that team. Together, we aim towards results that make a difference.

We work from the Netherlands and the Philippines. Our project leaders and management are based in Utrecht and our development team works flexibly on the beautiful Philippine islands. In addition to our permanent base, we enjoy working with young high potentials. With them we share our knowledge and ensure the development of our field. We have a great team of young professionals who support us on project basis.

Besides working, we also enjoy doing fun things together. Like team building activities, lunches, and also a skiing trip we did together. Besides that, we regularly dedicate ourselves to charities. Charities like our Serious Swim marathon for 3FM’s Serious Request campaign that we have organized several times.