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Quattro Method

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With the step-by-step and unique Quattro method, we guarantee that we operate in a similar way and that we can deliver the quality we strive for. And your organization achieves its intended goal of scaling up better and faster.

But why would you want to work methodically in the first place? First, because it gives more grip on performing complex tasks. In doing so, it enables you to look ahead better.

Methodical work, in short, is “the teaching of the path already taken. From experience we have learned many valuable lessons, which we are happy to repeat in today’s practice.

Of course, you can also go overboard in drawing up procedures. We insist on keeping the steps as clear as possible, with room for specific configuration for particular clients.

Because too many procedures will kill and curtail the willingness of those involved to cooperate. We make procedures only where necessary.

Broadly speaking, we have broken down our Quattro Method into (how could it be otherwise) four steps:

  1. Reveal
  2. Design
  3. Resolve
  4. Scale

Below, we briefly explain what each of these steps means for you.

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Steps in the Quattro Method

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1. Reveal

The first phase where we get to know your challenges. We use our powerful combination of Salesforce knowledge and experience in business processes and reveal what is possible to address this. Both short-term quick wins and long-term structural solutions.

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2. Design

We then design a detailed plan looking beyond the obvious, which in most cases can be done with standard components and in specific cases will require customization.

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3. Resolve

Creating the Solution where we also include the unforeseen situations. There usually are, and depending on what best suits your needs, musQueteer can perform the work onsite at your organization or off-shore for a cost-effective implementation.

4. Scale

This is what it is all about in the end! An efficient solution and way of working so your organization can scale better and faster; You can do more with the same number of people.

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