Working Remotely in the Philippines

"One of our colleagues Bernadette shares her story of how working from home in the Philippines works..."

Even before the pandemic hit, for most of us, the idea of working from home has always been something we'd plan for, not something we'd just suddenly have to do... I began working remotely with musQueteer in January 2019.  I have been the biggest supporter of the #wfh wagon and used to work in an office-based setting for 10 years. 
It's been 4 years since I decided to take remote working, with just my laptop, a decent internet connection, and courage. Oftentimes, I stop and reflect on how remote work has changed my life. It tells you to be bold in pursuing your passions and the things you are interested in. Going beyond the usual is consistently challenging, exciting, and fulfilling.  
“How do I manage to maximise work-life balance while working from home?👩‍💻 Here are the simple routines that I go by…” 
My mornings start at 6:00 am ⏰. I wake up, meditate, and facetime my fiance from the US, then make fresh-brewed coffee ☕. This is my peak time, boosting my energy to start my day and getting productive work done.  
To prepare for the day, I briefly glance at my daily workflow guide lists and check my emails. It's always thrilling to have to-do's 📝, see how much further along with my work tasks, and get it done ahead and work efficiently. 
I’m multitasking between marketing research, content creation, graphics, and social media management most of the day. Sometimes this can be a little I take regular short breaks in between to rest and freshen up a bit.